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Sponsoring the Yeovil Half Marathon

As mentioned in our previous blog, Immortal Sport’s first running event of 2019 took place over the recent weekend and saw fifteen-hundred people take part in their ninth edition of the Yeovil half-marathon. With a variety of participants, it was great to see such a vast range of people running. From young adults to mature athletes and novices alike, many ran to raise money for charities whilst others took part simply for their own personal goals or to gain a sense of achievement.

The thirteen-mile race started in the town centre at 9 am where hundreds of spectators and supporters crowded as the race began and headed out towards Yeovil country park, before venturing through the grounds of the National Trust property, Montacute House. Montacute House is an Elizabethan property that was completed in the very late 1500s/early 1600s and portrays English architecture during a period where medieval Gothic and classical Renaissance overlapped.

On Sunday, the Grade I listed mansion attracted multiple visitors and spectators due to its picturesque gardens and historic architecture. It also marked just over the halfway point of the race and with a drink station located in front of the symmetrical “E” shaped building – it was a great place for runners to catch their breath.

The route then went through the ham stone village of Montacute and back towards Yeovil, with each drink station and scenic road closure containing large clusters of supporters as they cheered on friends and family members.

How Does our Sponsorship Help?

At the finish line, the runners each received a bottle of Glastonbury Spring Water which not only fed their thirst but also replenished any minerals lost through running due to the high mineral content in our spring water (find out more about the mineral content on our website).

Drinking water before, during and after exercise helps to work out more efficiently and for longer. Studies have found that even mild dehydration can have a detrimental effect on performance and in addition, can increase the risk of illness such as heat exhaustion. Adequate hydration is a key factor in sport due to regular water intake improving both mental and physical performance. Every day the body loses water through expiration in breathing, perspiring, (which varies depending on how active/inactive the individual is) urine and other factors such as illness – therefore highlighting how crucial it is to replace the water lost in order to keep hydrated.

There were four water stations scattered equally around the race to ensure that all the runners were adequately hydrated throughout and to help each participant perform to the best of their ability.

Using Our Biodegradable Cups

Immortal Sport decided to make a positive change and use Biodegradable cups as opposed to just single-use plastic at this year’s water stations. This meant that the wastage was significantly less than previous years due to each of the cups being made from Polylactic acid (PLA), which when under the correct composting conditions enables the product to break down naturally.

The linings of the cups are made from renewable resources such as corn, potato and sugarcane which break down into earth-friendly compost to then be used again. This process is great when fortifying soil, as the materials naturally decompose due to their renewable raw materials.
By working together with Immortal Sport and having similar sustainability values, we will be using bottles made from recycled plastic (RPET) as well as biodegradable products to eliminate unnecessary waste throughout the season.

Future Events

Glastonbury Spring Water will be available at all Immortal Sport events including Immortal 10k, Sprint & Half, Immortal Half Wimbleball, Immortal Weekender Roadford, Taunton Triathlon, Salisbury Half Marathon and Stroud Half Marathon.

We have been sponsoring Immortal Sport events for three years and look forward to this year’s upcoming races.  If you would like to participate or fancy challenging yourself, then sign up for one of their races in the Southwest today.  Or if you would like to run in the 2020 Yeovil Half Marathon – the registration is officially now open.