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Immortal Sport Sponsorship

Hydration in Sport with Immortal Sport 8

Here at Glastonbury Spring Water, we have been sponsoring Immortal Sport for just over three years.  Immortal Sport is a sporting event company based in Yeovil who organise a series of half-marathons, triathlons and 10k runs in captivating locations across the South West.   

With over a dozen events organised for 2019, they appeal to both seasonal athletes and novices alike with their vast range of races which seemingly encourage those to challenge their physical and emotional capabilities.  This is helped due to the organisers being either former or current athletes themselves, as it means they can empathise with any challenges or difficulties that the runners might face when training.  Their experience also means that they’re able to teach and guide others with successful techniques and practices to ensure they achieve their goals in the most successful way possible.  Their first event this year is the Yeovil half-marathon which will take place on Mother’s Day (Sunday 31st March) and begins in the centre of their hometown.  The route takes the runners through Yeovil country park, heads out in a western direction towards Montacute House before making a full circuit and looping back into the town centre where numerous spectators will await their arrival.

Prior to this event, I decided to make a trip to Yeovil to meet the three passionate individuals behind Immortal Sport – Steve Elliott, Jody Foy and Lucy Ridout.  I wanted to gain some more information regarding the importance of hydration in sport and hoped to ask some questions to find out if and how our bottled water benefits their runners. 

How does our sponsorship help your sports company?

“Besides having free water to hydrate the runners, the sponsorship is a great benefit due to Glastonbury Spring Water being such a local company.  Not only because the water provided is sourced and bottled near our events, but also because it’s great to support smaller, local businesses instead of corporate, nationwide companies.”

The running group said that they appreciated the sponsorship due to sharing similar views on different sporting factors.  Such as the importance of health and fitness, as we too – are an enthusiastic hydration partner and understand how regular hydration promotes positive performance in any challenging activity.  They also share similar sustainability views and by working together, we have planned to increase the use of reusable bottles with refillable options, bio gradable cups and bottles made from recycled plastic at this year’s events.

How does hydration help in sport?

As previously mentioned, adequate hydration is certainly a key factor in sport due to regular water intake improving both mental and physical performance.  Every day the body loses water through expiration in breathing, perspiring, (which varies depending on how active/inactive the individual is) urine and other factors such as illness – therefore highlighting how crucial it is to replace the water lost in order to keep hydrated.

With most of the Immortal Sport events taking place throughout the warmer seasons, it increases the need for hydration even more so, due to a greater amount of water being lost through perspiration as a result of a warmer environment.  The minerals in our spring water then help replace those lost during exercise – which is essentially more efficient than standard tap water.