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Which are the most environmentally friendly water coolers?

Environmentally friendly water coolers from GSWAs a company based in the Somerset levels, at the foot of the beautiful Glastonbury Tor, conserving the environment is understandably important to us.

We work hard to make ours the most environmentally friendly water coolers. We have purposely designed our business to be  environmentally friendly in as many ways as possible.

Local water – no unnecessary travel

By choosing local water for your bottled water coolers, you can reduce the number of miles travelled. Glastonbury Spring Water is bottled at source in Glastonbury. The only time it is transported is when  it travels the short distance to our customers in the south west. In contrast many national firms don’t specify where their water is from. Their water could have been transferred by tanker to be bottled, then shipped across the country to be delivered.

Sustainable operations

We have designed all our premises and operations to be as sustainable as possible.

Every aspect of our building encompasses recyclable or renewable materials wherever possible.

  • We used recycled bricks to build our premises.
  • We insulated the roof with wool.
  • We use solar panels to heat our hot water, and a ground source heat pump to heat our buildings.
  • We have a reed bed sewerage waste system.
  • We continually plant trees to expand our orchard at Park Corner.

We also take steps to reduce waste in every way we can. For example, our drivers now have PDAs to reduce waste paper. 

Recycling initiatives

We also have a number of different initiatives for recycling.

  • Our water cooler bottles are made from polycarbonate, which can be used up to 50 times. At the end of their life, they are then recycled.
  • Many of the  other parts on our water coolers are also recyclable.
  • All our packaging is recycled by a local firm. 

Bring chilled Glastonbury Spring Water into your workplace or home with one of our environmentally friendly water coolers.