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How to choose the best water cooler for your business

best water coolerChoosing the best water cooler for your business comes down to three main criteria – the capacity you need, the space you have available and the design that suits your environment. Here’s our tips for choosing a water cooler…

The right capacity for your premises

The number of people who will be using your water cooler can help you work out  which cooler is right for you.

A 19 litre bottled water cooler will provide approximately 100 cups of water. If you expect to get through that much water very quickly, a plumbed in water cooler may be more suitable, so that you’re not having to change bottles all the time.

Small offices should look for a bottled water cooler like the Crystal Mountain Everest Elite, while larger businesses who get through a lot of water might find a plumbed in cooler like the Oasis Kalix  to be more appropriate.

The perfect size

The amount of space available will also  affect the water cooler you choose.  If space is limited, a slimline or counter top cooler, such as the Oasis Onyx, might be best.

The best design

Stylish or functional? The wide range of coolers available mean it’s easy to find a design that fits in with your workplace.

A modern design agency might opt for a Borg & Overstrom B5 while a building site office would be more suited to the simple but robust Oasis RR2000.

Top or bottom load

Those opting for a bottled water cooler also need to choose between a top  or bottom load cooler. If you struggle lifting bottles, a bottom load cooler is the ideal solution.

We like the Crystal Mountain Storm bottom load cooler,  which has the added benefit of a concealed bottle, perfect for situations where the cooler can’t be kept away from light sources and providing a sleeker look for customer-facing locations.

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